Lou Simeone

Graphic Designer

Lou Simeone contributed to the positivity movement in 2015 with his Feeling Swell surfer design.

Lou is an award winning artist who’s style meshes perfectly with the positive mentality of Feeling Swell.

His partnership with Feeling Swell started with his iconic groovy surfer design.

The classic design is still flying off the shelves at local surf shops, and is even featured as the large window display of Baja East Surf Shop in Pt. Pleasant, NJ (as seen above).

Lou is the owner and operator of a one person illustration studio called Simeone Graphix. The studio works on a variety of projects- creating illustrations for skateboards, posters, wall decals, stickers, logos, t-shirts, vehicle graphics and more.

Make sure to visit the website of Simeone Graphix- an Atlanta based studio, making art you can stick, ride, wear and hang.

Visit his portfolio below !