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April 30, 2022 2 min read

“[Through the knowledge that joy is unknown without sorrow, life without death, pleasure without pain, it is possible to accept with love, gratitude, and reverence what is pleasing together with what is not.]  More than this, pain and death are not accepted simply because, by contrast, they make life and pleasure, but also because they are an integral part of a Greater Life and a Greater Pleasure.”

-Alan Watts



Rising rates of depression and anxiety are causing each of us to reflect on our social role in combating the mental health epidemic. We at Feeling Swell are grateful for the daily opportunity to use optimism and compassion as tools for building a mentally healthy future.


While there is certain merit to optimism as a wellness tool, mindless optimism seems counterproductive as the mental health conversation approaches subjects like suicide, drug addiction, and self-harm. But our brand’s values are not a dismissal of the realities of mental illness. Rather, they are a response to them.


Feeling Swell was born out of acceptance that every human will experience pain and sorrow. Each of us, under our own particular circumstances, will have a walk through darkness. The length and degree of darkness will vary per experience, of course, but the eventual experience of darkness is mutual between every individual.


With acceptance of that fact Feeling Swell finds purpose. Our goal is to act as a light that can help to illuminate the dark moments, and a light that makes the sunny days that much brighter.


In an effort to provide light, we are excited to introduce the Feeling Swell Mental Health Blog.


The objective of the blog is to assist our community in having involved, informed, and intimate conversations on mental health. It will feature a collection of interviews and commentary from mental health professionals and community members who can provide unique perspectives on mental health and mental illness.


By learning how to have difficult conversations on mental health, we familiarize ourselves with the shadows and bumps along the journey that is the human experience. As a result, we spend less time running away from darkness, we accept it for what it is, and we appreciate the moments of sunshine all the more.  


Stay tuned,

The Feeling Swell team