Your Mental Health Matters

The Feeling Swell Foundation is a registered 501c3 dedicated to improving the mental health of our community by promoting Small Acts of Kindness.

We all play an important role in building a mentally healthy future.

To ensure our impact, we run various Small Acts of Kindness campaigns that are focused on supporting any individual who may be hurting.

Small Acts of Kindness Add Up...

The Postcard Project

It is proven that receiving a kind letter in the mail has a direct positive impact on mental health. That is why every one of our packages comes with a free postcard for you to send to a friend who may need encouragement!

Tool Kit

Mental Health Toolkits

Working with our partner, The Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, we are delivering mental health toolkits that help families navigate mental illness. These toolkits are distributed through local schools and community events. 

Donations to Partner Mental Health Nonprofits

Improving the mental health of our communities
requires a team effort. That’s why we make donations to the
mental health professionals we know and trust!

“Friendly Reminders” SMS Messaging

Our Friendly Reminders SMS campaign aims at lifting the spirits of our friends and followers. On a regular basis, we will send SMS reminders to live in the moment, to be yourself, to help a friend, or to smile!

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