Your Mental Health Matters

The Feeling Swell Foundation is a registered 501c3 that is dedicated to improving the mental health of our community by promoting Small Acts of Kindness.


Every individual is responsible for playing their part in building a mentally healthy future.


To ensure our impact, we run various Small Acts of Kindness campaigns that are focused on supporting any individual who may be hurting.

Our Small Acts of Kindness Campaigns Include:

The Postcard Project

The postcard project is an initiative designed to allow friends to share a positive moment with a friend. It is proven that receiving a letter in the mail has a direct positive impact on mental wellness. That is why every one of our packages online comes with a free postcard for you to send to a friend who may need some help lifting spirits!

“Friendly Reminders” SMS Text Messaging

Our Happy Days SMS Text messaging campaign is designed to send positive messages to followers that encourage them to have a positive day and to be themselves. Each message is sent with the intention of uplifting the spirit of the recipient in a way that is meaningful and positive.

Donations to Our Partner Mental Health Nonprofits

We donate a portion of our online sales to our partner mental health nonprofits so that they can continue to have a tremendous impact on the overall well-being of our community.

Mental Health Resource Page

The Feeling Swell website is host to an extensive list of mental health resources, including informational pages and links to direct help lines and lifelines. Please feel free to navigate the page at FeelingSwell.org/resources. If you or a friend is struggling with mental health, do not hesitate to reach out for help!

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