About Us

Mental illness affects every one of our lives either through our own direct experiences or through relationships with our friends and loved ones.


We believe that small acts of kindness can be used as fundamental building blocks to mentally healthy communities. 

Our mission is to make kindness the constant. We work to support every individual impacted by mental illness through small acts of kindness. 


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Our story

Feeling Swell was founded on values of optimism, community, and kindness.

In 2015, through a partnership with Mueller’s Bakery of Bay Head, NJ, Feeling Swell shirts were sold for a Point Pleasant family who was facing hardship after hurricane Sandy. 


While working to fix their home, their daughter was struck by a car, causing brain damage and paralysis on her left side.


The shirts raised thousands of dollars in the first couple months. 

Since then, Feeling Swell shirts have been sold in an effort to provide comfort and lift spirits.


We choose to live in the present, and we are excited about the future, but we  promise to remain true to our founding values.

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