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About Us

What is Feeling Swell?

Feeling Swell is a surf brand. Feeling Swell is a mental health foundation. Feeling Swell is a mindset; a reminder to practice compassion and optimism. All of that, however, is united behind one common goal: to encourage happiness.

We each experience life's inherent difficulties. Nonetheless, moments of happiness arise, big and small. During those moments we feel so comfortable, complete, absolutely content with the moment.

That, to us, is what Feeling Swell is all about: appreciating the moments of joy for everything they are worth. 



Our Story

Feeling Swell was founded when a community came together to support a local family whose home was damaged by Superstorm Sandy.

It started when Marie and Brian O’Neill, owners of renowned Mueller’s bakery in Bay Head, NJ, agreed to sell the original Feeling Swell shirt out of their shop. The shirt was designed by local surf artist Jay Alders and featured an iconic image of a blue surfer. 

Hundreds of shirts were sold to raise thousands in support of the family.




Our Values

Since the original shirts, The Feeling Swell brand has been used to provide light to family, friends and neighbors experiencing dark times.

Through the Feeling Swell brand and our work with the Feeling Swell Foundation, we are committed to a future in which every individual can find help for their mental health.

We hope you will join us in creating that future.