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About Us

Our Story

Feeling Swell was founded in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, when a Jersey Shore community came together to support a family whose home was damaged by the hurricane.

It started when Marie and Brian O’Neill, owners of renowned Mueller’s bakery in Bay Head NJ, agreed to sell the original Feeling Swell shirt out of their shop. The shirt was designed by famous surf artist, Jay Alders, and featured the iconic image of the blue surfer.

Hundreds of shirts were sold to raise thousands of dollars.


Our Values

Since the original shirt, Feeling Swell shirts are worn to lift the spirits of friends, family, neighbors, strangers, surfers, artists, and community members alike.

Through the brand and the work in the mental health space done by the Feeling Swell Foundation, we intend to make a happier tomorrow, where we accept the bad times for what they are, facilitate for more good times, live in the moment, and support those around us.

We hope you’re Feeling Swell (like our buddy Jake down here vv).