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The Feeling Swell Foundation

The Feeling Swell Foundation is committed to making mental health therapy more accessible.

We believe it is too difficult for individuals experiencing mental illness to find help. We are addressing the issue from three approaches:

1) Equipping High Schools with Mental Health Resources
2) Improving Quality and Affordability of Services
3) Eliminating Mental Health Stigma

Equipping High Schools with Resources

It is important to provide our youth an early understanding of mental illness and available mental health resources. In partnership with the Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide, we are working to implement the Lifelines Program and deliver mental health toolkits to every student in sponsored schools.

Improving Quality and Affordability of Services

On a case by case basis, we run campaigns with various local nonprofits to improve the quality and affordability of mental health services. We focus on pairing individuals with services that match their specific mental health needs.

Eliminating Mental Health Stigma

Our Small Acts of Kindness campaigns are all focused around ending stigma by creating environments in which individuals can feel comfortable discussing their mental health.

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